Konfirmi Launches Super-Easy Way to Automatically ID Your Customers

Online ID Verification for Customers - Konfirmi
Konfirmi LLC, a Chicago-based tech company bringing advanced customer authentication and onboarding solutions for online businesses of all sizes, announced today the launch of its revolutionary automated customer verification application for websites and mobile apps.

“The need to verify your customers is becoming increasingly important in the digital age as most processes today are done online,” said Holly Urban, CEO of Konfirmi.

For example, starting on September 14, 2019, online retailers doing business with European Union (EU) residents, including those in the United Kingdom, will have to ensure compliance with the EU’s new Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) law. The new EU directive requires customer authentication – such as by text/SMS code sent to the customer’s cell phone – for most transactions over 30 Euro.

“You can get Konfirmi fully set up in under 5 minutes, making customer verifications easy, affordable and secure. You are also able to adjust the verification parameters to suit the specific needs of your business,” Urban added.

Konfirmi’s many verification methods include Two Factor Authentication (2FA) by email or text message, true age verification, selfie ID photos, video ID selfies, Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA), and Single Sign On (SSO), with more verification methods coming soon.

You can easily integrate Konfirmi with most any online store, online application, or on-phone application in just minutes.

Specific integrations are now offered for WooCommerce and many popular WordPress contact forms (such as AgileCRM, Caldera Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms). Additional integrations will be offered soon.

“Our patent-pending application lets you to decide how much ID verification is cost-effective for your business, as well as which methods you want to use to verify your customers,” said Urban. “It’s easy to implement – we provide a video on our website showing the app getting set up in under 5 minutes. This is great for small businesses and we also offer enterprise solutions.”

Businesses that are interested in learning more can get a free trial before making a purchase decision.